The Next Chapter

2016 was an eventful year in so many ways and will go down in history as a year of surprises. First there was the shock of the EU referendum result and the start of planning for life after Brexit, followed by the equally if not more surprising victory of Donald Trump in the US election. These momentous events and their fall-out have caused much uncertainty globally, and the economic markets have been volatile in their wake.

The political upheaval of the last 12 months has redrawn the social and political map in the UK and the United States. Traditional party loyalties have been replaced by new political groupings, based on age, geography, attitude and issues. The growth of social media has allowed new structures to evolve, and understanding the mentalities and behaviours of the Millennial generation will be crucial in preparing for the future.

But at a time of change, people still yearn for certainty and simplicity in their lives, and particularly in their travel choices.

What travellers want today is essentially the same as it has always been – safety, comfort, value for money and experiences. But with the introduction of new, sophisticated technologies and techniques, the importance of focusing on the simple things can be forgotten. How will the travel industry cope with complexity in a world that desires simplicity?

Against a background of rapid change in the world, and in the travel industry, this year’s Travel Convention will uncover the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, building on the ‘known knowns’ that will guide us as we move into The Next Chapter.